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Perevertov Valeriy Petrovich, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of land transport and technological means, Samara State University of Way of Communication (443066, 18 Pervyy bezymyannyy lane, Samara, Russia),
Kuzina Ekaterina Andreevna, master degree student, Moscow Technologic University (119454, 78 Vernadskogo avenue, Moscow, Russia), E-mail:
Razzhivina Galina Petrovna, associate professor, sub-department of environmental engineering, Penza State University of Architecture and Construction (440028, 28 German Titov street, Penza, Russia), E-mail: 

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Backgrond. Clutch screw press (CSP) are a complex dynamic system of forging and stamping production, which must be effectively managed to obtain high-quality blade-current parts, compressor disks and other forgings of rocket and space engineering engines and high-speed rail transport from titanium, heatresistant, composite materials and alloys, improving the reliability of technological equipment in the conditions of FMS. To complete the deformation workflow of the CSP, the flywheel is connected to the screw and at the end of it is disconnected from the screw by the hydraulic coupling coupling – the executive body, whose speed is an important technological and operational characteristic of the quality management of the MIP. The paper presents the main results of the study of modeling of high-speed piezohydraulic actuator for the IMP.
Materials and methods. A method of mathematical modeling and field tests of the hydraulic coupling of the CSP with a pulse dump valve (PDV) is given, which makes it possible to calculate the dynamic parameters of the coupling and ensure a highquality technological process of control of the technological system.
Results. The economic effect is to reduce the complexity of the design work in the design of the hydraulic coupling of the IMP, increase the reliability and durability of the screw pair, coupling parts and die tools by increasing the speed of the diagnostic control system (shutdown) of the coupling when using a piezo pulse valve. The obtained results of the calculation of the response dynamics of the hydraulic actuator coupling of the CSP with the PDV allow you to create systems for monitoring and diagnosing the parameters of the technological process and equipment for the forging production.
Conclusions. High quality parts (forgings) in the manufacture and repair, as well as safety and environmental friendliness of a complex technological backup system based on the impossible without monitoring and diagnosing product quality indicators using modern methods and means of measurement, including laser, infrared, fiber-optic sensors and devices. 

Key words

coupling screw presses, reliability, quality, executive body, software, system, diagnostics, pulse dump valve 

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